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LGBTQIA+ rights are human rights and human rights are fundamental!

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On the 12th November 2020, the European Commission published its first LGBTIQ strategy called LGBTIQ Equality Strategy 2020-2025. It consists of four pillars, which should ensure LGBTIQ people’s safety, build inclusive societies, support LGBTIQ equality, and tackle discrimination against LGBTIQ people. At a time when homophobic language and hate speech against transgender people are on the rise, this sends the important signal that the Commission is clearly in favour of LGBTIQ rights. But words must now be followed by action. And by action, we mean measures that encompass the entire community and follow an intersectional approach. However, it is not only up to the European institutions to make changes, member states must also be held accountable.
We as youth organizations must also continue to advocate and fight for a diverse and inclusive society. JEF Bremen celebrates diversity and will continue to track the strategy.